Day 25 #30daysbiblejournalingpraise

Time spent journaling should not be about how perfect your page looks or how well did you use the products you have but was it quality time with God?   Studying God’s word is something that as a Believer we get to know the very heart of the Creator of the Universe!!!!  We don’t serve a finicky God who hides truth but make sit plain.  So then don’t let what you have or don’t have in supplies stop you from spending time with the God who cared enough to share His very love story with you!  Praise Him for His goodness, kindness and grace!  Here is an example of how an entry can take little time but reflecting and praising God for who He is special!  Time very well spent!  20170625_201651

The process to attain this texture and colors on the page isn’t hard and in my vlog you can see how easy it is:

There are not a lot of days left but if you want to join along, then I would love to hear and see what God has laid on your heart as you praise Him!!!  Below you will find links to all needed information:


You can follow me on this journey also on my blog here:



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