Day 17 #30daysbiblejournalingpraise

Today’s entry was a fun one for me to work through!!! I loved working on all of the colors and using watercolor on this page as well.


Art Impression stamps are common in red rubber stamps but this set is a clear set and allowed me to see exactly where I stamped each image. The watercolor does not have to be Koi but any type will work. Here is the step by step video on how I put this page together:

This passage is the last one in the book of Psalms and it is NO mistake that the Psalmist is encouraging the reader and take note that EVERYTHING that has breath praise the Lord! How can you praise the Lord today. What can you give as that act of sacrifice? To you may feel insignificant but to somoene else and to God is so much more. Don’t hold back in praising your Creator… give Him praise!!! To join in on this fun and encouraging time, below you find links to my blog, Facebook page & group as well as my Instagram account. Blessings!!!

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