Day 16 #30daysbiblejournalingpraise

It feels like I am catching up, does it seem like it to you? This entry is near and dear for one simple fact, God placed the owner of Imagine That Digi Stamps in my path. When I saw this freebie on Kristy’s site, I knew it would be used for a tip in and I knew it would remind me of the time I had taken a short jaunt in a hot air balloon.


There really is nothing like it! It is like you are on a cloud and you are just floating through the air. And I can imagine that when we get to heaven, seeing love face to face, it will be just like that! Until then, my heart will fully be open to what God has here for me on Earth and that includes His love!


Here is a link to my complete video on how i put this little tip-in together.

Below I will include a link to Imagine That Digi Stamps and also if you want to join along in this, I will have links for you to follow.

Imagine That Digi Stamps

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