Day 15 #30daysbiblejournalingpraise

This day we get a picture, a picture of what real trusting in God looks like. We can look back on the promises He has upheld and as a result our act of worship, our obedience looks like complete rest.


We can rest in the fact that He has and He always will stay true to His word. He will never delineate from it! THere is nothing or no one else we can say that about and that is why we should be able to walk this Faith walk with every bit of confidence!!!! Here is the video showing all the techniques I used in creating this page:

In this video you will see how Distress inks are used like watercolor and Zig real brush clean color markers are used with an aqua brush. There is also a masking (sortof) technique that is used to create the stack of blankets.  If you would like to follow along, here is a list of each days verse or verses:


Below you will find a link to the stamp as well as link to my blog, Facebook page, Facebook group and Instagram:

You can follow me on this journey also on my blog here:

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Disclaimer: None of the social media (including Youtube, WordPress, Facebook or Instagram) sites listed above or products used are sponsors to these videos


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