Day 14 #30daysbiblejournalingpraise

Welcome to my day 14 entry! How exciting that I get to share in this experience with you!  Here are the verses for the month of June.


Even though I aam a little behind, I did manage to get two entries done yesterday!  Here is the video on my “how to” and What God laid on my heart for that day’s verse.

Day 14 of #30daysbiblejournalingpraise is really a verse that challenges how I look and speak about so much in my life. Do I really make other things my god or do I really allow God to be my God. It says here in Deuteronomy 10:21 That He (God) is our praise. Is He that for you? Let God be your everything. It is a no regret situation. In this video I show how a gel plate can be used in Bible art journaling along with stencils.You can follow me on this journey also on my blog here:



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