Day 13 #30daysbiblejournalingpraise

Welcome to this wonderful journey of being reminded of all the reasons we should love on God and praise Him for the sake of who He is!  Below is the list of verses that we have been following along with and if you want to join along, further down I will have a list of ways to participate in either posting my personal group or on Instagram.


Even though today is June 16, I am a few days behind (due to a retreat with no WIFI access) so here is my entry that I finished up at my Bible Journaling Group.  (So there is no video for it.)  But today’s focus is praising God and for His providence of welcoming us as His children and knowing He would do that even before we are even born.  The Bible calls this our “adoption” in the the family of God and so I felt it was so fitting to show my adoption day into His family and what a beautiful event in my life it was.  Life changing, eternally changed and I see how God uses me and my gifts for His glory.  I am eternally grateful for those who prayed me into His kingdom and shared the love of Jesus with me.  How about you?  What is your adoption day?  If you don’t have one and want to know more, send me a message!  I would love to share more about the love of God with you!


To create this page, I first did a watercolor wash by mixing purple and rose colors in order to get a fuschia color.  I love the colors pink and purple and if you mix them together, you get the MOST amazing color of them all… FUSCHIA!!!  If God had made up a document that day, this is the color it would have been!  The rest of the page was done free hand with permanent pens, using regular nibbed ones and brush pens.  Because of that, I was able to get the look you see.  At the end I added a few stickers and dated my entry.  Below you will find all the links and my disclaimer.  Make sure to use the #30daysbiblejournalingpraise when sharing your entries in social media!

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