Day 4 #30daysbiblejournalingpraise

Welcome to day 4 of #30daysbiblejournalingpraise!  If you would like to participate and join in on the fun, here is the list of the verses for the entire month.


So glad that you are here today as we study from Revelations 4: 8-11. I focused on verse 11 and how the angels recognized how God created and everything exists due to God! Another reason He deserves our praise, thank you God! I live in an area that has amazing natural beauty and never get tired in admiring God’s handy work! If you want to join along, then below you can find all the details here on my blog as well as the information on the weekly giveaways! Blessings!

Here is the video of how I created this simple page:

Here is the final look of the picture!


Here is a list of all areas you can follow and participate:

Facebook Page:

Facebook Group:



Disclaimer:  None of the social media (including Youtube, WordPress, Facebook or Instagram) sites listed above or products used are sponsors to these videos, blog or social media sites.

Anna Tracy


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