Have you ever made a complete wrong assumption?  One that left you speechless?  Those seem to be the worst however today as I was driving home from work (and since I am new, my commute generally means hoping not to get stuck behind a tractor) a thought drifted into my head, “Why is it that I don’t end my evenings with a heart of thanksgiving?”  It seems so simple.  We have a roof over our head, food in the house, the ability to meet our bills and yet, I don’t have this amazing feeling of gratitude!  A true stumper (my new word for the day) and then it dawned on me.  I am making a tragic assumption daily.  Is every choice made with the purpose in mind that today I will make it all count?

It’s hard.  How do you make dusting feel like it is for the purpose of living mindfully?  How can really cleaning out my garage be a way to not only be present but give in a huge way?   Does that smile really go that far and does anyone care when I say a kind word?

Oh man, it comes back to the main point.  If I want those to be my reason for thankfulness, then I am way off track and I need to reset my course.  Get my mind refocused on the measure of what today is all about and that is living fully in it!

I find it a bit humorous that as my first ever post on here, this is what I choose.  Today I had interesting emails, phone conversations and enjoyed laughs with my coworkers, chased my kitty around the house, snuggled my dog and shared loving words with my husband but that question remained with me.  Until I realized, I had to process it out and here I am… processing.  Some things I know to be true for myself is that I need to do something creative daily (even if it is minor.), focus on the gifts of people and love around me, and enjoy the moments of joy.  And this is all for one simple reason.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed!

So tonight before I say my words of prayers, concerns and acknowledgement as to who God is, I am first going to tell Him thank you for once again for giving me a chance to be here and that chance to make it count!


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